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Served Quickly

Speed faster than any other restaurant .  

Our food is created using basic ingredients responsibly sourced straight from nature. Our unique earth-grown flavors, like olive oil, paprika and hummus, make each dish simple, clean and good for you. 

Healthy Meals Full day of healthy eating.


Steak,  Chicken,  Lamb,  Pork


Baba ghannouj Char-grilled eggplant. Hummos Chickpeas and Tahini, Falaffel vegetarian patties, Tabbouleh Parsley, tomato, onion and olive oil salad, Kelly with kale Endive with Kale, Yousfeyieh Bean  A three green bean mix blended, Barbazelo Bean Creamy blend of fava beans pureed.

Highest Quality

Not only does our food come from the healthiest region in the world, it’s rooted in traditional meals that haven’t changed for thousands of years. Slimming down, eating clean or gluten-free. 

Favorite Guest Moment

Michael Robertshaw


This place is crazy good, authentic as you can get and all made fresh. Try all the sauces before you order, you'll want one of them. Get the garlic sauce too! It's my favorite place to get lunch these days.

Update: I am thrilled I have found a place that adapts so well to my nutritional needs and is good, clean, flavorful and fresh at the same time. I’ve lost 40 pounds by eating better, thanks in part to Sauceeinos for providing healthy clean food I can be excited about. The owner also works with me on portion control when i need him to!

Andrew Linthicum

I am so happy to have The Pita Wrap literally steps away from my house. My personal favorites include the falaffel, hummus, house pickles, kabob lamb and tabouli to name a few. It can be difficult to find a place that not only serves excellent/quality food along with being healthy and affordable, but this is a place that provides all three. Additionally, the owner is very hospitable and the passion he has shows through everything which is also a reason I am a frequent customer. I definitely encourage everyone to try The Pita Wrap, you will not leave disappointed. 

Vince Viglione

 I can't say enough about both the quality of the food and the service at this establishment. There are a wide variety of savory, sweet, and spicy sauces which are available that are made from fresh vegetables and fruits. The owner is extremely personable and he allowed us to try everything before we made our decisions. After we sat down to eat he brought us hot tea for free which was wonderfully complex and tasty. I will definitely be going out of my way to come back! Absolutely the best! 

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Check out this great video

Check out this great video